The Hobbit in 3D


Tonight, Cyndi and I went to see The Hobbit — An Unexpected Journey in Real 3D.

First, I liked the movie.  It keeps with the Lord of the Rings genre very well.  The special effects were good.  The acting was good.  The landscape shots were outstanding.  I haven’t read the Hobbit book in ages so I can’t speak for how close it is to the book.  Although, one minor thing Cyndi pointed out:  the scene where Bilbo “finds” the ring in The Hobbit is different than the flashback in whichever the Lord of the Rings movies had it.  In that one, Bilbo found the ring…stumbled onto it, as it were.  In this one, he sees Golum drop it then picks it up.

I didn’t care for the 3d.  It was well done in that there were no “made for 3d” effects (like the horse chase scene in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter).  However, everything seemed slightly out of focus.  Here’s the problem….in a normal film, your eyes know the camera is doing the focusing.  You will see whatever the director wants in focus.  In 3d, you want to be able to focus on whatever you want.  But, since it is filmed with cameras, you still only see what the camera has in focus in focus.  Does that make sense?

I don’t know if I’ll ever go see a 3d movie just by choice.  At least not until it improves.

On another note, heres a video from Peter Jackson talking about making the Hobbit in 3d.

Here’s an mp4 of the youtube embed for archive purposes.

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