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Right.  When I redid my blog, I found TONS of dead links.  So many, I’m still weeding them out.  Some of them, I’ve been able to update; however, other’s I haven’t.  I’m looking for ideas on how I can preserve that content into the future yet respect the copyright of the authors.  So far, the best idea I have is to have 2 links per link:  1 would point to the live content while the other would point to an archive I would keep myself.  I’ve thought about screenshots…but then you can’t search text.  I’ve thought about using wget, etc… to mirror the text of their page, but that doesn’t really respect their copyright.  I’ve also thought about simply making a text file with the text in it and linking to that.  But….

I can’t be the only person who has thought about this.  I’ve tried searching Google but haven’t found anything.  Do you, my readers, have any ideas on how I can keep a copy of pages I link to for posterity?

Image from rick payette via flickr

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