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Biggest Looser Workout

Last January (Jan 2012), I had to return to the US for a couple of weeks for my grandpa’s funeral–I can’t believe I didn’t blog about that.  While I was there, I bought several things to bring back.  One of those things was The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout for xBox with Kinect.  I never opened it (and had forgotten about it until I was looking through where I had hidden the kid’s and Cyndi’s Christmas presents).  Today was my first time using it.

After some fiddly setup (be prepared for about 30 minutes of “stuff”), I was ready for my first workout.  However, before I could start, it did a short body analysis.  I entered my weight, the game had me face the Kinect, pause, then turn to the side, and pause.  I was ready to work out.

First off, I am way out of shape.  I knew I wasn’t in the best shape; however, I didn’t think I was this out of shape.  After all, I used to ride my bike thousands of miles a year (and had even done two centuries).  Wow.

On to the good:

  • The workouts are good.  My heart rate was up the entire 30 minutes
  • There’s good customization.  I was able to tell it my weight goal, select a time-frame, enter how many times a week to work out, and choose my workout duration.
  • Having the kinect see the entire body allows the game to give you good feedback:  knees up, too wide, and that sort of thing
  • I liked the fact that it measured my waist, height, neck, etc… with nothing more than me removing my shirt.

Now for the bad:

  • When I laid on the ground, the kinect didn’t track me so good.  Although, to be fair, I think this may be related to available space more and position more than anything
  • It didn’t always track my movements right.  For example, in typical computer fashion, it told me to widen my lunge; however, when I widened it by more than an inch, it said too wide.  In some exercises, it is very “computer picky.”

Now, this was only my first workout.  Overall, I think it went well.  I told it I wanted to do 4 per week.  I’ll use it for this week then post a follow-up.

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