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After I migrated the website to an updated platform and enabled SSL, I thought I should check for dead links.  Well, I found and corrected a bunch…I have a bunch more to finish.  In this process, I found many of my dead links were for sites that had either gone dark (meaning I couldn’t find anything about them), moved (and left some sort of redirect), or just updated their site.  In some cases, I don’t really care; however, in others, I wish I had the stats or main idea the article was making.  So, here’s my question for my readers that blog:

How do you think I should deal with content from other sites?
How do you handle it on your blog?

Also, when the sites went dark, I was removing the links from the text and adding a note at the end including the link (just not hyperlinked).  What do you think about that idea? 

Image from sheeshoe via flickr

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