Google Webmaster Tools and Stats


Before the most recent update of this website, I hadn’t done much more than simply look at generic vistor stats.  But in it, I got some weird errors in the webstats so I dug deeper.  I found I had this wierd random number (13 digits specifically) showing up as a 404 in my google stats.  After some research, I found information here, here, and here.

The gist is that there was a problem with Google playing nice with some javasript.  In my case, I think it must be disquis.  I’ve updated everything and marked it as fixed.  I’ll update this post if the problem returns.

Well, the problem hasn’t returned, however, I have a screenshot of my webmaster stats showing the problem (and the results of work on my end in my htaccess file).


[Update 2012-12-30 19:15:24] Added graph showing the problem.

Image from Sean MacEntee via flckr

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