Rounders and Baseball

Today was a church picnic.  After everyone had eaten, there was a pickup game of rounders.  I hadn’t heard of it so I was going to sit out.  But everyone convinced me to play.  They said “it’s like baseball.”  So, this post is a bit about rounders and baseball.  But first, here’s two pictures:



from sk8geek via flickr from wrongindustries via flickr

In these pictures, you can see about all of the similarities between rounders and baseball.  There’s a ball (but it is smaller) and bat.  The goal is to hit the ball and run around the bases (or sticks in the case of rounders).  You get out if the ball is caught or the stick is tagged.  But you don’t run home as in baseball…you run to 4th base.  There’s no such things as fouls or strikes.  You run on the 3rd pitch even if you don’t hit the ball.  If you don’t hit a homerun–called a rounder–you don’t get credit for making it home; however, if you don’t make it all the way around, you can move to the next base as soon as the bowler bowls the ball (pitches it).  To switch sides, you have to get people “out” by catching the ball.  Tagging them out doesn’t count.  BUT, once you are out, you are out (like in dodgeball) and you don’t get to bat again.

So, even though it isn’t really like baseball, I had fun playing.

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