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This year, 2012, is an election year in the US.  We elect the President/Vice President, all of the House of Representatives, and 1/3 of the Senate.  There’s also loads of local and state elections.  That means everyone in the US is being bombarded with political ads trying to get people to vote for the “best” candidate.  I’ve thought about this whole process and have come to the conclusion that…..

What I would like to have candidates focus on more than what they will “do” is what they “think” and what their principles are.  What do I mean?  Well, instead of listening to candidate A say they will cut the budget deficit by 1/2 or candidate b say that they’ll extend unemployment benefits, I would rather have them tell me that they have lived their lives guided by the principle that one shouldn’t spend more than they take in.  Or say something like I believe life begins at conception.

Why do I think this is needed?  Well, everyone knows that politicians lie.  When people hear anyone say “I will do XXXX” they know it isn’t going to happen.  Why?  Firstly, whatever it is, it has to pass the congress.  What happens when it doesn’t?  How will this particular individual respond when their first plan doesn’t work?  What ideals and principles guide them behind that.

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Now, I’m sure there is still room for laying out a broad “In my 4 years as President I will introduce a bill to XXXXX” or “If I’m elected to the House of Representatives I will write and introduce a bill to XXXX.”  But if they focus on guiding principles and explaining who they are, I think people would be better informed and able to make a good decision. 

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