Jordan Part 4 — Citadel Nights

During Ramadan, it is illegal to eat or drink in public (even for westerners and non-muslims).  Not much happens during the day; however, the city comes alive after dark (and you can eat and drink).  A friend and I went to the Citadel Nights festival that is held at the Amman citadel.

It was 5 JD to get in (about $8 or so).  For that, we got to see the citadel, listen to music, relax, and experience the atmosphere.  Oh, by the way everyone from the US, your tax money helped pay for this….USAID logos were all over the place.  Here’s some pictures:

Citadel panno

The view from the citadel

Lantern balloon

Amman citadel

Loads of people were launching these japanese lanterns     A view of the Roman city at the citadel

Amman coliseum

The roman colosseum in Amman

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