2012 London Olympics Men’s Road Race pt 7

Since we were at the race, I tried to tape it to watch later.  The only showing I found was at 12:30 Saturday morning and was 2 hours long (on British Eurosport).  I thought it might end up and be a highlight show, but it was the last 2 hours of the race.  So, we saw the last loop around Box Hill (there were 9 total).  Anyway, when they went by where we were, you could see us on the sides of the road.

Cyndi on tv

Me on tv

  Cyndi. She’s leaning over to take a picture.     I’m kneeling down right at the guy’s back  

[Update 2012-07-30 06:54:37] Here are links to my other posts with featured pictures from the race:

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Complete Pics of the 2012 London Olympics Men’s Road Race

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