2012 London Olympics Men’s Road Race pt 1

Yesterday, we went to watch the men’s road race at the 2012 London Olympics.  We picked a spot at the top of Box Hill and went.  All of our pictures can be found here; however, I wanted to highlight just a few of the images.

We used to live in Serbia (and it still has a special place in our heart).  I wondered if they had any riders in the olympics this year when we saw this:

IMG_20120728_142737 SRBIJA


After the race, I found out there were actually 2 Serbs in the race.  It made me wish I had taken my Serb flag to cheer them on.

[Update 2012-07-29 16:18:07] Here are links to my other posts with featured pictures from the race:

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Complete Pics of the 2012 London Olympics Men’s Road Race 

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