Worst Turkish Coffee Ever

Ok, I’m in Turkey so I decide I have to have Turkish Coffee, right?  I mean, I drank the stuff ALL THE TIME in Serbia.  I even wrote a howto on making Serbian/Turkish Coffee.  I had good stuff and I had bad stuff; however, I had THE WORST cup of Turkish Coffee I ever had today.  In Turkey.

I went to Starbucks (I know…I never did come across any cafes that looked like plain ordinary coffee shops).  This is what I got:

Worst Turkish coffee ever

See that stuff on the handle.  Grounds.  Yep…grounds.  I don’t know what the guy making it did, but my coffee had grounds floating in it.  NASTY.  Once I got done drinking it, the rest of the coffee was in the bottom of the cup (like it should be).  Who knows; however, I just know that this cup o’ joe was hands down the worst cup of Turkish Coffee I have ever had.

[Update 2012-05-16 13:56:26] Want to see good turkish/serbian coffee?  Here’s a post talking about that.

[Update 2012-12-26 14:32:29] Edited the link to the howto.

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