My bag — pt 2

Ebag hole

In September 2011, I needed a new wheelie bag.  I decided to go on a limb and buy a bag from ebags (specifically their motherlode mini 21).  Sure, the bag was expensive, but it had a lifetime warranty.  And with the amount I travel, I decided I needed/wanted a good bag so I got it.

Well, as I was packing to leave Moscow today, I noticed the bad was coming apart.  It was doing it at a seam…and it looked like it just hadn’t got caught when it was stiched (click the picture for a larger view).

Well, it had a lifetime warranty so I went to their website, found the contact us section, and did a live chat.  I was expecting them to say something like:  send us the bag, we’ll look at it, and send you a replacement.  Read the transcript below to see what really happened:

Shane: Thank you for using eBags Live Chat support. May I please have your name to make this session more interactive?
you: yes, my name is Matt
Shane: HI Matt!
Shane: How may I help you?
you: I have an ebag motherlode mini21 I purchased about 6-7 months ago. After about 12 plane trips, one of the seams is starting to come apart. It looks like it wasn’t sewn well. What is the process for getting it fixed under warranty?
Shane: I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.
Shane: May I have your order number or your e-mail address to further assist you?
you: sure
you: let me find it
Shane: Okay.
you: order number: *********
Shane: Please give me a moment, let me see what I can find here.
you: email: ****@***********
you: the order date is 16 Sept. 2011
Shane: Please give me a moment, let me see what I can find here.
you: no problem
Shane: I am checking on that.
Shane: Please give me a moment.
Shane: Is this your current shipping address *******************?
you: no
you: that is where I was when I ordered it
Shane: May I have your current address and your phone #?
you: ****************
you: ****************
you: phone number: ****************
Shane: Okay, we will process a replacement order for the item eBags – Mother Lode TLS Mini 21″ Wheeled Duffel – Blue Yonder.
you: Wow
Shane: You will receive the item at the ****** address within 5-10 business days.
you: Will you want this one returned?
you: What is the process?
Shane: I appreciate your patience in receiving the item.
you: I’m currently on a trip and it may be a while before I can return the current bag to you
Shane: You can keep the item as a gift.
you: Wow
you: Thanks!
you: You guys are great
Shane: You are most welcome!
Shane: Is there anything else that I could help you with?
you: no, that was it
you: thank you!!!

Did you see that?  Not only did the guy believe me (I was expecting to have to send them a picture, at a minimum), but he just fixed the problem then and there.  AND he didn’t ask for the old bag back.  WOW!  This is what customer service should be like.

Not only did they listen, but they stand behind their product.  Oh, and after using the bag for these 6 months…it is a great bag.  I can stuff TONS into it without over stressing the zippers, it rolls really nice, and it looks good.

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