I think it is for…


… convenience over anything else.  People don’t want to stop more than once and the stations at supermarkets let them do that.  Some of them–Tesco and Sainsbury’s–even give rewards for purchasing fuel at their stations.  I know that is why we do it (just to clarify, the convenience is what I’m referring to here.  One stop is better than 2 or 3.)

I also think it is about regulation.  In the states, there’s much more regulation now on gas stations than there used to be.  That drove most of the mom and pop stores out of business.

How about you?  Do you get your fuel/gas/petrol at WalMart (or the like)?  If so why?

This is in response to this article about supermarkets having almost 1/2 of the filling stations in the UK.

Image from the real yomcat via flickr

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