Panorama, ICS, and My Phone

I used to take TONS of panoramas.  So many that I had people think I was a geek, it was stupid, etc….  I thought I turned out some really neat pictures.  Then, I got a new camera.  It wasn’t so easy.  Then I started using my phone.  It got less easy.  Well, with the ICS Android upgrade, the camera application includes a panno feature.  Tried it out today and this picture is the result:

Football aka soccer field in caterham. Panno with android ics

IMHO, the quality isn’t the greatest.  You take the picture in this weird video capture mode where you just rotate the camera and it captures the image.  Sure, it works, but you can g better quality images by rotating the camera yourself and then stitching the images manually.

[Update 2012-04-10 07:16:28After using ICS for 5 days, I wrote more about what I think

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