Hermann, MO

In 1986, we moved to Hermann, MO.  After a month or so in an apartment, we moved to a house on highway 100 west that was almost to Gasconade, MO.  It was right after this sharp turn in the road (here’s a link to it on google maps).  My mom would remember the first time there was a squeal, crash, then a nock, and an ask for a tow, but I remember it happening occasionally.  See, this turn was more than 90 degrees and it snuck up on you.  Sure there was a sign, but those are just approximate, right?  This one wasn’t and was hidden behind a small dip so once you saw it you couldn’t get on the brakes fast enough.  There were also 3 or 4 trees on the outside of the turn that would stop you from running into Delmer’s barn.  Here’s a view of it today (from google street view) looking back towards Hermann:


Here’s two views of the house I’ve lived in longer than I’ve lived anywhere else (7 years until my junior year of high school):



When we lived here, there used to be this MASSIVE pecan tree (that made little pecans) here. One time, there was a tornado and 1/3 of the tree fell over on the house. I stood here and waited on the bus.

Now, I’ve still got friends there.  One of them posted a link to an article in a local newspaper about a truck getting stuck.  He was trying to make a left turn from J road onto hwy 100.  Insane.  When we lived there, I wouldn’t even make that turn in a car.  I would have been to worried that someone would come around the turn too fast, miss it,and hit me.  Here are a few pictures she took of the trailer being high-centered:

 [Update 2012-12-26 15:44:43] The links to Catherine Mahoney’s facebook page were wrong.  I’ve updated them.

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