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I blogged yesterday about the petrol lorry driver strike potential petrol lorry driver strike and decided to take precautions.  I bought a few cans and filled up my tank yesterday.  I plan to keep the tank full for the next month (they have 28 days to actually go on strike) by topping off every few days.  I really resent the idea portrayed in the media that I was “panic” buying fuel.  I did no such thing….I saw a situation and took adequate (really less than adequate as I would prefer to have about 30 gal of diesel held back) measures to prepare.  This is no different than keeping a weeks worth of food in your house.

Why do I feel accused of panic buying?  Well, look at the survey on this page.  Look at the question:

Do you intend to panic buy fuel

Then look at the answers.  There’s only three:

Yes, I don’t want to be left stranded
No, it is irresponsible and would make matters worse
I will wait until a strike gets closer until I refuel

Umm…where’s the no but I am getting fuel anyway.  Why isn’t what I did panic buying?  Well, I didn’t run out in a rush, for one thing.  I didn’t punch anyone or ram anyone’s car.  I found an open station–I drove by 4 that were either totally out or out of diesel–and bought my fuel.  Paid.  Left.

In my mind, I’m doing the responsible thing to take care of myself and family.  The government wishes everyone would do the equivalent of “herd into the Superdome” and wait out the storm by the leave of the government.  No thank you.

[Update 2012-03-31 08:16:36] Now there are calls for rationing so 999 drivers and emergency services can get the fuel the need.

[Update 2012-04-19 09:36:06There was an agreement; however, the union has rejected it.  No strike news yet.

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