A blue lock for George

Technology is great.  It let’s us talk to people faster and easier than we could even 10 years ago.  Computers are more powerful than ever, and we can get online from just about anywhere.  But sometimes there are things that just make me go “ARG!”  This is one of them.

We have some HP z210 workstations at work.  We also favor McAfee Endpoint Encryption for full disk encryption (in case of theft, etc…).  Well, in the case of the z210s, they have a brand-spankin-new UEFI bios-like bios.  They shipped with version 1.09.  The current version is now 1.35.  The only problem???  If the bios is upgraded….even a minor step…the computer will refuse to boot.  Thankfully, HP worked with us and told us how we can roll these computers back, but then we have to ensure they never get upgraded.  Again.

Oh, and did I mention that the computer may not want to boot even after you roll it back?  Yep.  We haven’t figured out why, but in 1/2 the cases we’ve had, the computer refused to boot.  This means you’ve got to take great pains in the rollback process.


Image from darwin bell via flickr

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