2 Outstanding Restaurants

I’ve been in Prague the past week.  While here, I’ve eaten a 2 different restaurant’s that I thought were outstanding.  The food tasted good, the atmosphere was great, and I wanted to let everyone know.  If you want a map to the place, just click on the picture and zoom in on the map there at flickr.  I’ve also put the names as hyperlinks to the google page about the places so you can get their phone numbers and see other ratings.

Sonora….even though the food wasn’t called what I remember it (my tamales weren’t rolled and steamed in cornhusks but were more flat corn tortilla things) it was good.  The spice was really good but didn’t over power the taste of the food.

Highland…I had to make a reservation for here as it was busy the night before.  The steak tasted good…the best steak I’ve had outside of the US…hands down.

Th service was good at both places and prices were about the same (200-300 czech crowns).

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