Google Talk and Speakers

Ok…I’m writing about this weird problem I had tonight on Google Talk.  Everyone could hear me.  I could hear sounds on my computer and so could they.  But I couldn’t hear them talk.  They could hear me…but nothing on my end.  Yes, I did have the voice and video plugin installed and I was using the gmail interface (don’t know why their client doesn’t support it but that is another story)

I looked, looked, and looked.  I checked my control panel settings.  I had them check their control panel settings.  I couldn’t sort out what the problem was.  Then, I came across this post in the google talk forums.  Here’s what I did to fix this problem:

Login to gmail
Go to settings (the gear in the middle-upper right)
Go to chat 
When I verified my settings, I couldn’t hear the test sound (even though I could hear other sounds on my computer)

To solve this problem, I explicitly picked my speakers instead of the default.  Once I saved it, it started working.  Wow…that wasn’t obvious at all!

image from el frijole via flickr

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