Dublin Dr. Pepper

dublin dr pepper

I know lots of people from Texas.  Last week, all of them started moaning that The Dublin Bottling Works wasn’t going to make Dublin Dr. Pepper any more.  Most of them were moaning and blaming Dr. Pepper.  From what I understand, the problem lies solely with Dublin Dr. Pepper.

For those who don’t know, “Dublin” Dr. Pepper had continued to make (and market) Dr. Pepper made with 100% cane sugar (instead of HFCS).  It was good and was really popular.  As people moved away, they still wanted their fix of Dublin Dr. Pepper.  Right there is the problem…..As you can see from the picture, they were marketing the Dr. Pepper not just as plain old Dr. Pepper but “Dublin” Dr. Pepper.  Dr. Pepper stepped in to protect their trademark.  That is why I think the problem was with the bottler.

If they had simply lapeled their product Dr. Pepper just like everything else there would have been no problem.  People would have driven to Dublin Texas (or the surrounding counties), sought out the Dr. Pepper bottled by the Dublin Plant (it is on the cans), and everything would have been honkey dorey.  But things weren’t.  From the articles I’ve read, that is why Dr. Pepper took them to court in the first place.

BTW, no one is going to loose the taste of Dublin Dr. Pepper.  Dr. Pepper has said they are going to continue marketing cane sweetened pop to the counties that should have been serviced by The Dublin Bottling Works.

Image from brendangates via flickr

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