London on a Bank Holiday Monday in Late May
Image from UGArdener via flickr

Shortly after I finished this article on the Asian Giant Hornet, I came across an article on the BBC dealing with myths from English/British History.  The ones mentioned are:

  • Norman Conquest, 1066, Myth: Good Saxons versus Bad Normans – with an arrow as the clincher
  • The Battle of Agincourt, 1415, Myth: England’s triumph
  • The Glorious Revolution, 1688, Myth: The revolution was glorious
  • American Revolution, 1774-83, Myth: The American colonists had nothing to lose but their chains
  • World War II, 1939-45, Myth: Britain won World War II

Of these, I really only want to comment on one:  WW2.  The BBC speaks about Roosevelt and Stalin diving the world and compares numbers of dead.  In that sense, no, Britain didn’t win the war; however, I think there is something being overlooked.  If Hitler had actually invaded the Island of Great Britain (think that is a country, watch this video), the Allies (in particular the US) would have been hard pressed to fight the war.  Even with today’s supercarriers (that are loads larger than WW2 era carriers) we couldn’t do it.  Without having the Island of Great Britain to use as a base, there would have been no way to get supplies across the ocean, stage them, then attack the continent of Europe.

So, I think they were very strategic in the winning of ww2.

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