A few years ago, I wrote this article on why I decided I wasn’t going to use Skype anymore.  A few months later, there were articles out about the Chinese Government monitoring Skype.  Today, I see this article on Fox News about a security flaw in Skype that hasn’t been fixed in over a year.

Now, do I think it is that big of a deal?  No…simply knowing your IP address isn’t that bad (heck, if you can see the packets on the wire you can find that out) but it is still a flaw.  A flaw that may have been discovered if their code were open for peer review.

So, I will continue my practice of not using skype for important conversations.  We’ll still us it do Lydia and Isaac can talk to their grandparents…but not much more.

Oh, before it comes up…you may be thinking that you don’t do anything bad so what does it matter.  Well, would you write a love letter on a post-card?  Read this article on why you should care.

Image from patrick haney via flickr

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