I’ve got….

funky toe

…an ingrown toenail.  I had poked around at it but it wasn’t getting better.  So, after asking a few people here, I gave up and called our surgery for an appointment.  I wasn’t hopeful, but after talking to people, I thought they would numb my toe and take off part of my toenail….in otherwords, I wouldn’t waste my time going.

So, I went yesterday.  And then came home with…..antibiotics….and instructions printed off the internet about how to soak the toe and push the skin back.  The odd thing about this is that as a general rule you won’t get antibiotics if you turn up with a sinus infection or something, but I got them for an infection in my toe.  crazy.

While there, I asked about things you could buy at the chemist (aka drugstore) like outgrow.  The dr said the closest thing she knew of was iodine liquid but you couldn’t get that any more here.  ARG.  So, For the next 5 days I’m taking my antibiotics and using a cotton bud (aka qtip) to poke around at it.

Image from ksbuehler via flickr

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