Holy cow….I can’t believe it has been all summer and I haven’t posted anything.  I’m sorry about that.  I’ll blame it on bad internet and travels.

But, before we fly back to England, I had to get a new bag.  I bought the ebags Motherlode mini 21.  I was looking for a caryon sized bag made of nylon.  I travel a lot for work so I wanted something sturdy.  And roomy.

I think I scored on this bag.  It has a lifetime warranty.  It is built rock solid.  And it is real roomy.  Eventually, I’ll post some shots but I’ve got everything in it that was in my older caryon with room to spare.  The blue that came was more grey-blue than in the image, but everything else was spot on.

My only complaint… came with some rods I had to install.  The instructions pointed to a page on the ebags site that doesn’t exist.  So I did a search.  I finally found the right video on installing the ebags tls rods.  The link is here for anyone else that is searching.  Feel free to fast forward to the 4 minute mark…the first part of the video is simply a sales presentation.

[Update 2011-09-21 10:43:22]  I forgot to give credit for the picture.  It is actually a screenshot from the ebags website.  I snagged it and put it on flickr just so I could use it for this post.  Thanks ebags.

[Update 2012-04-24 20:20:11] My bag started to come apart.  it looked like a manufacturing defect.  Read more about how bags dealt with this here.

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