Lydia From Father Of Click

Lydia by The Father of Click

First off…I know I’ve been rubbish at posting while we’ve been here in the US.  I could make lots of excuses, but I won’t.

Anyway, while we were in Richmond, we ran into a friend at Short Pump Mall.  He’s a photographer and takes pictures of everything.  Like all photographers, he whips out his camera (an iphone) and tries to get Lydia’s picture.  Sometimes she shies away from the camera so he tried and tried and tried.  Eventually he stopped so I thought he just gave up.

Fast forward a few days….we run into him again.  THIS time he whips out his iPad and says he wants to show us something.  I figured he was going to show us the pictures of Lydia.  Sure enough, he did, but he showed us his blog too.  I never knew he blogged!

Anyway, go have a look around at his photoblog — The Father of Click.  Here is a link to his picture of Lydia.

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