What is this guy talking about?

Take a guess what this guy is talking about below:

From the very first time he asked, I have promised him that I would teach him. But that promise always comes with me enforcing respect and understanding. Thanks to this consistency, my children can by rote say that a xxxxxxxxx is not a toy and that hey are not to touch one unless I am there handing it to them.


That same xxxxxxx is actually hanging within a long arm’s reach of me as I type this, along with several others. And yes, my children have noticed them.

What should be in place of the xxxxxxx?  Well, if you were me, this is EXACTLY what I got taught about firearms.  It was the case in our house with firearms when I was a kid.  They were readily available.  It is EXACTLY what I will teach my kids about firearms.

Go read the original article (first seen here) and come back.  Swords.  They are talking about swords.  Oh, and how old is the kid?  5.  FIVE.  Let’s think about this for a second…..

I doubt anyone would say boingboing is conservative.  I actually think they are quite liberal in many ways.  But here they are praising this guy for teaching his kid…his FIVE year old kid…about swordplay.  I’m sure that most of the editors at bb would think me crazy for teaching my kids about guns.  Certainly, the comments would reflect it.

Riddle me this….what’s the difference?  Why are swords ok and cool but guns are evil?

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