Farm Town


For those of you who aren’t facebook friends with me, on the weekends, I spend a few hours playing Farm Town on facebook.  Why?  Well, the mindless clicking is just a good way to relax.  Some people watch TV….I click little squares over and over  🙂

Anyway, they started offering buildings that actually do stuff.  I have a pretty sparse farm, but decided I’d get a sugar refinery.  So far, everything is working good (I’m not having the problems reported at the forum), but I started doing some math…..

My refinery has 1,100 units to process.  It does them in batches of 10.  Each batch takes 2 hours to process.  110 batches * 2 hours each = 220 hours.  That is almost 10 days!  Have I done my math wrong?

[Update 03-30-2010 16:37:35] They just introduced the ability for your friends to help you produce faster.  it isn’t too much faster, but it is ok…better than what it was. According to this article, yor friends can help you…..

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