Vanish by Tom Pawlik


I just got done reading Vanish by Tom Pawlik.  The book length was 5,765 locations (apx. 256 character = 1 location).

Overall, the book was a fast read.  It took me about a day and a half reading off and on to finish.  I would classify the genre as Christian Fiction and actiony (not like Ted Deker though).  I enjoyed the book up to chapter 46 (location 4,300).  At this point, the book took a turn.  I’ll try not to give away any secrets/spoilers, but the main character was faced witha crisis of belief in what I took to be a distinctly Catholic Purgatory -like way.

In general, as long as someone takes the book for what it is–a work of fiction and not anything else–it would make for a good read (especially for free). There was no sex.  I don’t remember any cussing.  There was some violence and gunplay.

[Update 01-07-2010 19:56:02] I’m still getting used to writing these reviews.  I guess I should tell you something about the book.  The main characters in the book all expereince a storm one day.  They wake up to find everyone has disappeared.  Where did everyone go?  Why did they vanish?  What are these strange shadow-like creatures?  As they meet each other, why do they disapear?  Where do they go?  How do they escape?

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