This is such a crock…..

 This is such a crock.  The Democrats can’t have it both ways.  The law was changed to its current state in 2004 when Mit Romney was governor.  Then, the Dems didn’t want him to appoint a Republician once lurch then Sen. Kerry won the presidency.  So, they passed this law.  Now, when it no longer suits their purposes (needing seats in the Senate NOW), they want to change it.  What a crock!

Just to clarify….my issue isn’t with the governor appointing the successor or the people voting.  I don’t care how that happens.  My issue is with the democrats changing the law as it suits their purpose.  Before 2004, the governor appointed the successor.  The law was changed in 2004 so the people would vote.  Now, they want to change it back.

image from takacsi75 via flickr

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