Rome Day 1 in Pictures — pt 4


Thispost should conclude my day 1 pictures.  What trip to Rome would be complete without a visit to the Colloseum?!  Of course, we went there.  The picture above was taken from the Palentine Hill looking back towards it.


 To get into the Colloseum, we had to pass through security.  The line wasn’t too bad…Lydia helpedus through like she does many places.

By the way, if you ever want to know, the ticket for the Colloseum is also good at the Palentine Hill.  But, you can buy the ticket either place.  According to Frommers, the line is shorter at the Palentine Hill.  We actually went their first, exited, went to the Colloseum, then went back to the Forum.  You need to take note that the order we did this in isn’t really supposed to work…we shouldn’t have been alloweb back into the Palentine Hill/Forum area…but the lady let us in.

Below are some pictures from inside the Colloseum:



This was a cross erected by some pope in memory of Christians that were martyred at the Colloseum. This marble looked really really old so I took a picture of it.



Here are some steps. Historians think that people could enter and leave the Colloseum in 10-15 minutes. That is just amazing. I wonder if Caesar ever used this??


23032009(255)We had some great views from the Colloseum.  On the left is looking out over a hill where a temple of jupiter (?? or venus) once stood.  Now, there is a church built on the spot where people still go to get married.

On the right is where the line would be for people waiting to get in.  We were there kind of late so there weren’t many people still waiting.  From what we read (and saw) lines can be rather long.  Like I said, we got our tickets at the Palentine Hill first then went to the Colloseum.  We avoided some of the line…but still had to wait to get through security.  The best help for that…a 2 year old in a stroller  🙂

While walking around Rome, we saw this building several times.  I don’t know what it is…but is is pretty impressive.  If you have any ideas, leave us a comment.



After the Colloseum, we went back to the Palentine Hill (see the warning above about use of the ticket) and went throught he Forum.  Below are 4 pictures from there that I thought you might enjoy.

23032009(260) 23032009(274)




There were a few things that struck me.  But the biggest was the flowers at the grave of Juluis Caesar (sp??).  Why would people lay flowers at the grave of the man who destroyed the representative goverment and set up theall powerfull emperor?  I just don’t understand it.  There are statues of other emperors around town.  As you can see, they get flowers too.


We also went by the Trevi Fountain (no, we haven’t thrown any money in.  I may give them 5 or 2 dinars before we leave through).



 The last place I’ll write about was one of the first we visted.  It was the Mamertine Jail where Paul and Peter were supposedly in jail.  I don’t know how much stock I’ll put in it…but the jail was representative of a jail of that time period.  I can’t imagine being in jail then.

Note the upside down cross on the memorial in the cell.  It is like that because Peter was crucified upside down.

We went down stairs to get there…in old times, there was only a hole in the roof.

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