Rome Day 1 in Pictures — pt 3

This post of pictures will focus on Lydia.  How do we end up with so many pictures if her?  Well, from this first picture, you see she has her own paparatzi that follows her around:



DSC08393Lydia has been such a trooper.  Sometimes she rides around in her stroller while other times she walks.  We usually let her walk as long as their aren’t many people or we are in lots of traffic.  She likes that.  But even when she has to ride, she doesn’t mind that either.

Lydia has had a great time getting pushed around by her grandparents and carried by them, etc…  The picture on the right is Lydia and her grandpa in front of the Colloseum.  The pictures on the left and below is Lydia walking on the Palatine Hill.


Speaking of time with her grandpa, Lydia has gotten to share some good food with her grandpa.  Their favorite is…guess…potato chips.  They both like them…lots!


I’ll end with two more pictures of Lydia on day 1 in Rome.  She’s with her grandparents on the left and resting on the Palatine Hill on the left.

DSC08469 DSC08442

[Update 03-25-2009 21:41:11] After saving the post, I realized I had missed one picture I wanted to post.  This is Lydia looking over some old ruins in Rome.  Go figure…they are old Roman Ruins  🙂


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