Here we go….

First off, nothing is wrong with me.  I’m fine.  Although…if there were something wrong, that’s what I would say.  I guess you’ll just have to believe me.

I was reading the consumerist today and came across this article about saving money on a funeral.  This is right up my alley.  While you don’t get to take it with you, there’s no reason to leave it all in a hole in the ground either.

For posterity, here are some main points:

1. Learn about the Funeral Rule.
2. Consider a direct burial with a memorial service.
3. You may not have to worry about embalming.
4. Learn how to shop for a casket.
5. Find out if a military burial is an option.
6. Turn to religion.

You should look into these.  I need to read up on #2…I don’t understand (even after reading the article).  As for number 6….I would not advse “turning” to religion but turning to Jesus while you have the opportunity.  Now is the time…today is the day of salvation.

I visited a few of the links provided in the article for caskets.  The cheapest one I found was this one.  And it was $700.  INSANE.  I have already instructed Cyndi that I’m to be put in the cheapest box she can find.  I’m dead.  She can spend the money for something better.  When Lydia gets old enough, I’ll tell her too.  Note…the cheapest might be paying someone $50 for 2 hours of their time and spending another $50 or so on some 2x4s and plywood at Lowes (or Home Depot…I don’t care).

Anyway, think about this stuff.  Don’t make your loved ones worry about it after you are long gone.

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