Vonage VTech 8100 Problems and Fix


Cyndi andI brought a Vonage VTech 8100 phone with us to Serbia.  At the beginning, everything worked great; however, we started having problems after a few months.  Sometimes we would get real bad breakups, at other times, people would only hear clicks and pops, and at other times, they would hear simply dead air.

Well, we traced some of the problems to our internet connection; however, that left quite a few unexplained problems (dead air, clicks, etc….).  We ended up and ordered a new battery from Amazon .  We received it the other day, put it in the phone, charged it, and waited.  Since then, we have made a few calls and haven’t had any problems.  It looks like the battery was the cause of more problems than was obvious.

By the way, I still think what I think about Vonage and wish I had made a different choice in coming overseas.  Although, I wouldn’t do it without having a voip phone…the convience is too nice.

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