Cold, Gas, and Heat

Natural Gas Flame If you haven’t heard, Russia and Ukraine are having a disagreement about natural gas .  In and of itself, that isn’t so bad; however, it has caused Europe to lose pressure in the piplines.  I don’t know the ins and outs of the argument, so I won’t comment on that.  But…just in case you have seen this….

Parts of Eastern Europe (Serbia included) are also severely affected.  Especially after Russia quit sending (or Ukraine quit transporting) gas through Ukraine.  Some countries (Serbia included) have only a small amount of reserves left.

I just wanted to let everyone know that Cyndi and I are still warm.  We don’t have gas heat (only electric) so depending on what happens, we might or might not be affected.  My guess is, at the worst, we’ll have rolling blackouts…who knows.  We’ll keep everyone updated though.

But, while you are thinking about people on Christmas (you did know that Orthodox Christmas was today, right??), remember that some people now depend on natural gas for their heating needs.

[Update 01-17-2009 10:36:13] An update can be found here.

Image by Todbaker

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