Family Picture

I get asked about a family picture all the time.  I don’t like having my picture taken so we don’t have too many.  But, I came across this one the other day and decided I liked it.

Prayerwalking — 26 November 2008


Again, I went out prayerwalking around town. So far, I like the making this a weekly habit and making time for it on my schedule. Not only do I make myself go to parts of town I’m normally not near, but I get to spend time alone with the Father.

[Update 2012-12-25 22:15:50] I had a few bad links in this article.  I’ve corrected them

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My Birthday — 27 Sept. 2008

 Apple Pie.  The Birthday Breakfast of Champions.  But, you’ve gotta pour milk over it just like you are eating apple pie cereal.

Later that day, you see my cake.  And one of my birthday presents…green koolaid (the best flavor in the world!)

Thanks Don and Chris for sending the cake mix, kool aid, and other things!  Sorry the pictures took so long to post. 

Sleeping Cuties


I thought this was a fun morning moment.  Lydia is keeping Matt company while he catches a few extra z’s. 

[Update 2012-12-24 09:21:53] Redid the picture



I was up and couldn’t sleep.  Cyndi had started some pictures uploading before we went to bed…I was looking through them and came across this picture of Lydia.  I thought the grandparents would enjoy it.

Avoid Email Tyranny

From Critical Section:

   1. Turn your email client off.  Pick the moment at which you’ll be interrupted.
   2. Never criticize anyone in email, and avoid technical debates.  Use face-to-face meetings or ‘phone calls instead.
   3. Be judicious in who you send email to, and who you copy on emails.
   4. Observing some formality is important.
   5. Don’t hesitate to review and revise important emails.
   6. Remember that email is a public and permanent record.