Deer Season (aka Thanksgiving)

Well, it is nearing Thanksgiving in the US and deer season is in full swing in my home state of West Virginia. This will be the first time in several years that I haven’t been able to get in the woods with a gun for…I don’t know how long. While I may not have always made opening day, I ALWAYS made muzzleloader season.

So, while you are in the US suiting up in the morning, eat a bowl of oats (with rasins added at the last minute) for me. Enjoy your time on the stand. And when you get cold, take a short mijander (meander?) through the woods for me. Once you get your harvest, thank God for giving you one of His creatures.

Have a safe hunt and enjoy the time with family. Have a great Thanksgiving too.

IMG_8557 DSCN1174

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