First off, I didn’t get any pictures from today.

We had some friends over from the US.  Today was a day for them to spend around Cacak helping people.  One of our other American friends here goes to a gym and had talked to them about helping them out with some work they needed done.  Well, we show up today only to find out they didn’t have supplies.  Our friends hung out in the gym and I had a cup of coffee next door.  I was able to spend some time talking to people…and I even ended up and got my coffee for free.

Then, we went and had lunch.  A chicken Sandwitch.  Very good!

Later on, we went back and helped a friend’s neighbor with some wood.  While we were working (there was about 8 of us) another neighbor came out and started working on his wood.  Well, after I tried to remember how to ask if I could help him–I got it all wrong if you were wondering, but he spoke some english–I went over and asked.  We then, instead of working, we went back to his place and had coffee.  And cheese.  And Kymak.  And bread.  And Aivar.  And eggs.  And juice.  And coffee.  And garlic.  And water.  We didn’t get any work done on his woodpile; however, we had a good coversation.

Tomorrow, I’m going back to see him in the afternoon.  Pray that I’d have the words to say.

Picture from claudecf

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