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The summer has positively flown by and October is just around the corner. Our days have been a whirlwind of Lydia, language, and building relationships. We still have all the ordinary things on our to-do list that we would have back home: cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, paying bills, etc… (which we have blogged about). But things take just a little bit longer. Not to mention the main reason we’re here, which is to meet people and tell them about Jesus!



Much of our first 4 months in Serbia have been spent learning the language and keeping up with Lydia. She is getting so big, and even though she is rapidly approaching the terrible 2’s, she’s such a sweet, happy little thing. Children are truly a blessing from the Lord! You can read more about Lydia by following this link.

As we slowly (painfully slowly) learn more language, we try to use everyday excursions to meet people and practice. We have a little routine and have made friends at the piaca and at some of our other stops around town. Lydia is certainly a big help with this 🙂 While we don’t yet have enough Serbian to really witness with words, we are thankful that we know enough to at least give glory to God for simple things. It is awesome to be able to thank God for His love and provision. And we had a few exciting language moments this month! We just ask that you please pray for us as we try to memorize scriptures in Serbian and as we seek opportunities to share the Truth.


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It has been such a blessing to participate in Bible studies with local believers and seekers, most of whom speak at least a little bit (if not quite a lot) of English. Even though the studies are in Serbian, our friends graciously translate for us. We have rejoiced in opportunities to worship, certainly with our teammates, but especially with our Serbian friends. And we have also been blessed to have spiritual conversations in English during our short time here.

As we look to our post-language schedule, we are excited about different opportunities both to meet people and to build relationships. Teaching opportunities abound, as well sports activities…and people are always ready to hang out at a cafe. Please join us in praying for wisdom and discernment as we walk through each day and plan our activities, both individually and as a family!


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