CCM, Hymns, and 7/11 Songs

I was recently reading on the internet and came across another article talking about Ray Boltz. Only this one, in an update, contained some good analysis of the whole CCM, chorous stuff and hymns. I think it hits the nail on the head and wanted to repost it here for everyone to see. Here it is:

I also think that what is wrong with most of contemporary gospel music and has been from the start is that it appeals to emotions almost exclusively. I notice this often on the Gaither homecoming specials. There is little theology and what there is in a lot of these songs isn’t even biblically sound. That’s how contemporary songs find a following: there is an appealing, ballad/melody, coupled with repetitive, emotionally laden words that are repeated with growing intensity until the end.


The emphasis so often in Gospel music is on the singer, not the Savior. It’s easy to do that when these celebrities are singing what is essentially pop music.


Contrast this with the traditional hymns of the faith and how they stir us:

The great hymns/songs that have stood the test of time confess biblical truth, or God’s attributes, and the gospel. A Christian can experience emotion singing them, but that emotion is based on the sound truths of God’s Word proclaimed in the hymn or song .

In the end, what’s the real problem?

The problem with this music is that it seems to contribute to the same type of attitude towards right and wrong. I FEEL this way, therefore that must be the way God made me. Who cares what the Bible has to say about the matter? I’m tired of wrestling with this sin, so I’m going to embrace it and toss God’s Word aside. That’s the only reason I can think of for the high incidences of homosexuality and immorality among gospel singers. The article from the Blade references several of these cases. When our subjective feelings are our only guide, we’re in dangerous waters.

Now, don’t hear me saying that I don’t like CCM. Because I do. I totally enjoy listening to Petra. And Carman. But, for the most part, their music is what it is–entertainment–and it isn’t meant to be sung as worship music to God. Certainly not as group worship. Have you ever paid attention to the lyrics of some of the songs? I’ve sung one that in the song goes “…sing with me…” I always thought that was rather odd. So, in conclusion, I enjoy listening to CCM…most of it. I don’t enjoy singing much of it. Regardless of our music “style” we need to be careful that the theology put forth in our songs is Biblical.

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