This is Dumb

Photo from .imelda

I agree with Bruce. This is really dumb. Although if you read the comments people have left on his site, there are other reasons for why the plugs were turned off. If you read the article, there are several things mentioned. Below are two things I think we can learn:

1) “Terrorism” has become a weasel word and is thrown around as an excuse for everything. Can I use the bathroom? Nope, terrorists might plant a bomb there. Can I take this bottle of water on the plane Nope, it might be an explosive… dump it out into this container with several gallons of other unknown liquids that may also explode (language warning. Sorry, I couldn’t find what I was looking for without it 🙁 ) I’m a pilot and got this silverware off the plane, can I take it with me on my next flight No, it’s a knife. See what I mean?!?! Think people…THINK!

2) Classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. People don’t think about the impact on others (or if they do, it is always them who will handle the communication). If you are making a change, setting something up differently, etc…. make sure people know.

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