19 Months!!

I can’t believe how big she has grown!  Lydia is running and climbing and “talking” up a storm.  She has such a cute little way of standing on the balls of her feet and bouncing through the house at top speed.  Our brave girl has also conquered the couch and is fast on her way to getting onto the bed.  It’s only a matter of time before I catch her on a chair and on the table.  As for language, she has always been vocal and she continues to make crazy noises and gabber unintelligibly at random intervals…however, she is expanding her vocabulary daily!  She understands tons of things, both English and Serbian, but most of her words are English at this point.  Mama, Tata, nana (banana), cup, cracker, cheerios, yes, no, teeth, eyes, nose, puppy, cat, etc…   Some things are clearer than others, but she is able to say so many things and makes cute sounds, too.  She does this crazy grunt when you ask her what a pig says and does a pseudo howl when you ask her about dogs.  She has also mastered the vroom-vroom needed for playing with cars.  We’re working on baka (grandma) and deda (grandpa) and other simple Serbian words while continuing to encourage her English vocabulary 🙂  Ona je vrlo pametna, tako naucice brzo (she is very smart, so she will learn fast)!  Much faster than Mom and Dad!! 


We have managed to get some cute pics and vids of her doing “Lydia” stuff.  Some of her favorite things are reading, eating, climbing, playing with/in cabinets and drawers, pulling stuff off of the table/counter/towel rod/drying rack, turning her cup upside down to shake water out and play with the newly formed puddle, finding Mommy or Daddy’s glass and dipping stuff in it…like keys or the remote, changing the channel, finding odd places to stick keys, and pulling laundry out of the basket and wearing it over her head while she wanders around making silly noises (playing “ghostie”).  She also likes to help me clean by running around with the dustpan or shoving the broom around.  And she hands me the pillows when I make the bed.  The trash can has been mastered, so she will happily throw things away, even when we don’t ask her to 🙂  She is such a happy thing, always ready to climb on (aka “waller”) you and she loves to sneak up behind you when you sit on the floor with your back to her.  She screws up her little eyes and holds her arms up in a posture of great excitement (she’s practically shaking with giddiniess) before she darts toward you and throws herself on you back.  And, of course, you simply must hold her hands and lean forward so she can get in a little flying practice.  She’s one crazy, super-sweet girl and God has blessed us tremendously by allowing us the privilege and challengeg of being her parents!!

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