New Menu Item Added

We’ve been having many people ask us what they can send us.  When that happens, we are usually at a loss.  While there are a few things we need, there aren’t many things we really want.  We think about them on the spur of the moment then promptly forget them.  They are simply “nice-to-haves.”  So, we decided to add a wishlist to our website.

What’s the point?  Isn’t that kind of selfish?  Well, really all it will be is a place for us to put things that we have wanted.  If you want to send us something, check it out.  The purpose isn’t to ask for things, so don’t feel bound to send us anything on the wish list.  It’s just there so we can remember things.  But, if we are going to track things, I don’t want to hold that information tight.  I want to share it.

So, to access it, either click the wishlist link in the main navigation menu (over on the left) or click this link .

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