Tesla Coils, Tesla, and Serbia

I was surfing last week when I came across the site tesladownunder.com. This guy has some really neat pictures on his website that he has made from messing around with Tesla Coils. What’s a tesla coil? Well, I don’t know much, but here is the wikipedia article on tesla coils.

Here are some interesting pictures:

Turns out they were invented by Nikola Tesla who was a Serb. Actually, the people here in Serbia talk about him quite often. He’s even on their money. I’d think that he was pretty important if he were from my country too. Turns out, he is the guy who invented AC Electricity (well, I guess he discovered it…not invented it). Thought that was Edison or someone else? Nope…turns out that Edison discovered DC electric, from what I think I understand.

So, next time you see one of those tesla coils at the next county fair you go to (or at the local science museum) think if Nikola Tesla. When you think of Nikola Tesla, think of the Serbs. When you think of the Serbs, pray for the Serbian people that they might have an opportunity to hear the Gospel and be saved.

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