We are….

…under water restrictions here in Cacak. Before you think “That’s not so bad” this isn’t your typical we have water restrictions but I’m still going to water the street type of restrictions we see so often in the US. Nope…this is a no water in the spiggot type restriction.

We think it started 2 days ago, but aren’t really sure. We started simply having bad water pressure yesterday…then it came back last night. Today, there were times of no water. We asked two friends and they both said the same thing. When will it end, we asked….no one knows. Probably once it starts raining.

To that end, we bought 20 liters of water today to have to drink. Tonight, we are going to run the tub full so we have a source of water to flush the toilet, etc… tomorrow.

[Update 08-24-2008 16:04:46] I made a new post about our water shortage .

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