Communication Update

In an update to this post where I talk about ways to contact us, I mention that I’m not using the Gizmo client.  Well, after ditching pidgin and skype and gizmo (the client not the service) for Wengo Phone , I decided to switch back.  Why?  Well, I had forgotten that I was using the pidgin encryption plugin and I started having issues receiving calls with Wengo.  So, I’m back to using the Gaim software and Pidgin now.

But, yesterday, I downloaded and tried the new version of Unbutu (the 64 bit edition).  I think this winter, I’m going to try to get it on my laptop and working.  When that happens, I’ll find a free SIP Phone to use.  Any suggestions? 

[Update 2012-12-26 06:52:08] Wengo Phone is now QuoteCom.  I updated the links.

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