June 2008…Wow


Well, I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll start off by saying that you can take a look at all of the pictures we took last month in a calendar form (like to the right) by going to our Flickr Archive page.





I’m reading through the Bible right now. My original plan was to do it every 90 days; however, I have revised that a little. I think it will be more like twice per year (about 180 days). To track my progress, I started off simply using paper and guessing what to read (well, along with some math involved). However, I finally got my copy of Logos installed and licensed (thank you George for this gift at the West Virginia Evangelism Celebration) and saw it included a bible reading plan. I’m doing that right now, however, the next time, I would like to have it work chronologically. Does anyone know how to set Logos up to do a chronological reading plan.

In my readings, I came across Ps 61 where I read about David. In reading the passage, I had the impression he was feeling discouraged. While I wasn’t feeling particluarly discouraged then (and really not now either), the feeling comes and goes. At the time, I blogged this just in case anyone else out there was felling discouraged. But, in looking over the past month’s bloggs, I came across it and was again encouraged.

I know everyone likes humourous stories from people overseas so here is mine for this month. One thing I really liked in the US was a moca extra hot. Yes, I know…I don’t like paying $4 for a cup of coffee either, but I enjoyed my moca (or mocha?) once or twice a month. I hadn’t had one in a while (and the only place I have seen it on a menu is a coffee shop in Belgrade. BTW, I had one and it was good!). But, back to the story…I hadn’t had one in a while so I decided to make my own serb coffee moca. Let’s just say that I need to filter the coffee before I try it again.

We traveled to Greece to meet with other Americans working in our part of the world. This was a good time to get to meet others, see how God is working in their countries, and be encouraged by new friends from the US. Here is a picture out the back of the main building we were meeting in:


I know that most of you have never seen Cacak (Чачак) and don’t have any idea what it looks like. I took some pictures one day and did a short post of my trip to the English Club. It is a good representation of a resedential area in town. Cacak is also a city of great contrasts. Rich and poor. Rural and city. Modern and past.

Here are some links I didn’t know how to really write about:
Lydia is getting so big
I have learned things about living in Serbia I wish I had known before now.
We found a Gloria Jean’s Coffee in the Athen’s Airport (I was sick and wanted sprite to settle my stomach so I paid 2 Euro 90 for one. If I had been feeling better, I would have gotten a moca)
A friend gave us a gift subscription to Answers Magazine and we got our first issue
We got our first package from the US
My passport got washed and we took a trip to the US (actually the US Embassy in Belgrade)
We had a great time while we were there meeting friends and their friends. We also were able to worship with them. I cannot explain how good God is: the sermon he gave the pastor spoke to my heart (well, I guess it was really the passage because I didn’t understand much of the sermon).
Want a tux bathmat
We signed up for bookmooch to try and get some more english books.

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