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Just a note to everyone out there who might be thinking the same thing I was: you can’t put hot chocolate mix in your jezva, heat the water, add coffee, and expect to have a moca serbian coffee. Well, I better explain.

I like coffee. American drip coffee is just ok (but it has to be strong). I don’t like paying Starbucks $5 for a medium moca (yes, I refuse to call it a vente…or whatever it is they call it). But I do because it is good. I could make a substitute by taking hot chocolate mix and adding it to drip coffee. It made for a good treat in the afternoons at work. In Serbia, I missed the moca. No problem I thought….they have hot chocolate and they have coffee. Yesterday, I bought me some In Kakao powder at the store (it was in the chocolate section with other hot chocolate mixes). It looked like hot chocolate and was cheap (90 din).

This morning I took my jezva and started to make my moca. I added the powder at the beginning thinking that it wouldn’t mix right after I added the coffee. Well, everything went well (except for having to add more because it didn’t taste chocolatey enough when I tasted it). I added the coffee, poured it into my cup, waited a few minutes, and took a drink. Well, it was awful! The grounds hadn’t settled yet. No problem…I just needed to wait more. After waiting and tasting every few minutes, the grounds never settled. So, the chocolate must mess with the properties of the water and the grounds never settle. ARG!

So, I’m going to try to make it again but do it differently. I’ll let everyone know what happens.

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