All Wet!


We got caught in the rain on our way home from language on Friday. Well, we didn’t really get caught in the rain as much as we didn’t have any other choice.. We left ETC (our language school) and stopped by the store because we wanted to buy some onion rings. Well, they turned out to be fish rings (no, we didn’t buy them). We went to another grocery store and found the same thing. This whole time, the sky looked more and more like a storm so we went into the mallie type place in the center of town (that is у сентару if you are speaking Serbian). We walked around and decided to have coffee. Well, Cyndi had sprite and I had some Turkish Serbian Coffee. It started poking the rain down (that means it is raining really really hard for everyone who doesn’t know proper terms out there).

We finished and decided it wasn’t going to let up so we got up and walked downstairs. When we got outside, it had let up some so we decided to walk home (well, it was less that and more we didn’t know how to tell the cab company where we were. The discussion went more and more like: How do we tell the cabbie where we are? U Centru. But where in the center? I don’t know. What do you want to do? I don’t know. Any idea how to hail a cab? Nope. Want to call? It looks like it is letting up, let’s just go for it.).

It went ok until about 1/2 way home it started really raining. Then about 3/4 of the way home, it really started raining. About 2 blocks from our house, we decided to go into the store and see if we could get the lady to tell the cab company where we were. But, we didn’t have that much farther to go, so we went for it. Well, it started poking the rain down. Across from our apartment building, I snapped this picutre of us.

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