I’m sure we were…

…the talk of the town this week. Why? Well, we took Lydia out in our bike trailer for the first time. I really liked it, but as we rode, Cyndi–who was riding in the back–said people were stopping, looking, pointing, laughing, etc…. I guess our “cover” and the idea of being grey have gone totally out the window. Oh well…we took some pictures and thought we would post them for everyone to see.

Get ready.

Get set.

One, two, three.

05182008(002) 05182008(003)
Lydia Checking Out the Trailer Getting Ready to Ride
05192008 05192008(002)
A Brief Stop At the Police Station The Whole “Rig”

Aww. Isn’t Lydia just so cute!?!?!

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