Smiling, Nodding, and Drinking Coffee

Well, this evening we went to meet some of our neighbors. We had met her in the hallway and so we said…let’s go there. We took our gift of a chocolate bar (you always take a small gift the first time you come to someone’s house in Serbia) and went down.

Her husband answered the door. I had to pull out my cheatsheet, but I managed to say something along the lines of:

Good Evening (Dobro Vece)
We are Matt and Cyndi (Mi smo Matt & Cyndi)
This is our daughter Lydia (Ovo je nasa cerka Lydia)

They invited us in. We tried to say hi, thank you, etc… After lots of nodding and smiling, we sat down to some orange (I think) marmalade, water, and spoons (you take a spoon of marmalade–VERY GOOD–eat it, then drink the water). We made some pointy talky, found out they had a daughter living in Belgrade who would be in on Saturday (and she teaches English at a university there!). They made some phone calls and had a neighbor come over who speaks some english. We did more pointy talky. Eventually, right as we were getting ready to leave, the neighbor’s son came over. He speaks english very well, and through him, we confirmed what we thought we knew about the daughter, said thanks, and that we needed to leave because it was Lydia’s bed time. Overall, we were there about an hour or so.

Eventually (once google video gets on the ball), I’ll have a video to show you of the man playing with Lydia and singing a tune. It was neat.

In the meantime, we will be going back sometime Saturday to meet with them and their daughter. Pray that we are sensitive to them and their situation. Pray for opportunities to share our witness with them.

 [Update 05-14-2008 08:42:04] Google Video finally has the video posted.  Here it is:


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